Wash This Away

Wash This Away

Can a song save lives? Let`s sing along and try!
Wash This Away by Mimmit is a free children`s video that includes activities designed to help young children understand the pandemic and keep themselves safe. The video and activities help children

  • Learn simple precautions
  • Remember to wash their hands properly
  • Find positive ways to learn even when schools are closed

Wash This Away is created by a collaborative that includes the award-winning Finnish children`s band Mimmit and both Finnish and American educators. Based on a video which enjoyed runaway success in Finland, it has already been translated into English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Swedish and Norwegian. Hindi will be released soon! This English-language version has been created with international audiences in mind and includes new activities that incorporate music, art, dance, and language learning which can be used by parents or educators.

While singing along, kids can join in a fun hand washing dance based on key word signing. The song brings hope and consolation in a difficult situation. The chorus, which encourages everyone to wash their hands, plays for 20 seconds, the recommended duration for hand washing.

Join and share the Wash This Away campaign and help beat the coronavirus! Share with hashtags: #washthisaway #mimmit #childrenteachadults #tvättadinahäner #mimmitpåsvenska #muistapestäkädet

Contacts: Pauliina Lerche, lerchepauliina@hotmail.com



With subtitles


Language options

Tvätta dina händer

Wasch Dir deine Hände


muista pestä kädet

Lávate las manos

Husk å vaske hender

Haath Saaf Karo ( हाथसाफ़करो )

Wash Your Hands Supermix


Mimmit is super engaging and rewarded Finnish children’s brand full of music, edutainment and folk tales. Backed with outstanding music and a distinct art style, Mimmit promote an interest to other cultures with a heavy emphasis on teaching environmental and social concern in young kids. Mimmit have brought joy and inspiration to kids and grownups for over a decade with their music albums, TV series, animations, concerts and books. Mimmit have played over 600 concerts in Finland and abroad and released six celebrated albums. Mimmit animations are sold to 40 countries.